Toilet paper calculator

Let’s find out if you have enough toilet paper!

How much rolls of toilet paper do you have?


How many people live in your household?


How is your poop consistency?


Your toilet paper will last for


If every person on this planet would have this much toilet paper, it would...



This toilet paper calculator shows in a simple and fun way how long your toilet paper supply will last. We also found some alternatives, if you are running out of toilet paper. Even we want you to smile while using this, it‘s not just about fun. With the coronavirus pandemic we face some serious struggles, so we collected a few ideas what everyone can do to fight COVID-19!

How much toilet paper do I need?

To be honest, it’s wildly different from person to person and depends on your bathroom habits, like:

  • How many toilet visits you have every day?
  • Do you use toilet paper for things like cleaning etc.?
  • How many sheets are on your roll?
  • How often do you wipe 😉

Every nation uses a different amount of toilet paper. The USA for example is with an average of 141 rolls per year the biggest consumer of TP., while in Brazil they only use 38 rolls per capita and year. If you wonder where we got these numbers, look at the study from the Statista Consumer Market Outlook. For our toilet paper calculator we assumed that every person uses 108 rolles a year.

Why are people hoarding toilet paper?

When unknown crisis faces us, a lot of us got scared. Uncertainties lead us into panic mode and all over the world we see people hoarding toilet paper, even though it is a product, that has not any supply problems. Hoarding gives us a feeling, that we can control things and makes us more secure. Another reason why people hoard is the fear of missing out. All it needs is some people, who panic buy toilet paper, and others tend to follow. Toilet paper is also a product, which people count to their „essential needs“.

The problem of mass hoarding is, that it affects all the other people who are consuming in a normal way. Out of nowhere there is a supply problem and it might happen, that you need to look for an alternative to toilet paper. A person’s true character is often revealed in a time of crisis. And one thing people will NOT say after the COVID-19 pandemic is:

„Toilet paper was the key tool for fighting the virus“.

Stop hoarding, so other people don’t actually need to use our suggestions on alternatives to toilet paper.

Alternatives to toilet paper

If you run out of toilet paper, don’t panic. There are alternatives! Some of them are even better for our environment (the production of toilet paper uses a lot of water and wood). Thanks Alexa and Nicole for the inspiration.

  • Bum Gun… in Asia well known. It‘s a toilet hose you can order and spray instead of wiping. Purchase it, you might regret, you might love it!
  • Snow! I mean, it works. Just mold it into a sheet form and then… whipe. At least you’re butt is fresh and cool afterwards.
  • Use tissues or baby wipes or in an emergency situation some washable towels.
  • Call your neighbours and let them help out.
  • Clean it in the shower …
  • Worst case scenario: Your hand! But don’t forget, to wash your hands after that like never before.
don't panic toilet paper calculator

Facts about toilet paper

  • 70-75% of the world’s population do NOT use toilet paper
  • Actually toilet paper was first used by the Chinese in 6th century 
  • The world uses 10 million trees each year in toilet paper
  • Do you roll over or roll under? The majority prefers over, but this question is still one of the most controversial toilet paper topics

What other countries are hoarding

France: Wine & Condoms

We don’t know if it is actually true, but we trust in memes! And considering to some media reports, french residents have been hoarding red wine and condoms. It’s all about the combination.

Netherlands: Cannabis

Well, this one we know is true! With the fear that cannabis shops were about to shut down for weeks endless lines of people queue to buy marijuana. The people in lockdown cleary demonstrates one Dutch priority: hoarding cannabis!

Things you can do at home during coronavirus quarantine

  • Support your local businesses! Order online, buy vouchers (which you can always use for future presents). They depend on financial liquidity.
  • Stay at home! Don’t put yourself or others at risk. Do your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
  • If you are young and healthy, help your older neighbours or other people who count to high risk groups.
  • Donate and give to Charity! Just google and you will find amazing organizations.

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